When I decided to leave traditional work life “early” some tagged me as having decided to IMG_2787“retire.” I hardly feel that is an appropriate representation of who or what I am when one just decides to do something non-traditional. However, I take advantage of the terminology in naming my blog about my “adventures following retirement!”

I am a modern day Marco Polo traveling to different places to explore and live in cultures other than my own. This blog is about my travels that began several years ago in the small Mijas Pueblo in the Costa del Sol region in Andalucia, Spain to the present day in other places on the European continent and in the United States of America.

After six months living on the side of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Spain, I moved to Austria and resided in several communities. Since then, I have lived again in Spain, as well as Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. My stories about my adventures and explorations are in the pull down menu in the “Archives.”

My blog is about my observations and experiences while exploring the world. I hope you enjoy reading about my travel, my comments about the people I meet, and the cultures I encounter. If you would like to receive my blog stories in your email, please enter your email address where indicated.

I have taken all of photos in this blog (except those so noted). The cameras used were various iPhones.

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  1. After careful consideration I have elected to not plan on relocating to Siberia, not even for a visit! I hear it is often quite cold there and then when it warms, there are Mosquitos. Neither of these are favorites of mine. The area is also void of important historic and cultural value. Thank you for your suggestion, though!! 😃

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  2. Barry I can’t tell you how much my husband and myself enjoy your blogs. We feel as if we are experiencing it with you. Please stay safe and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Can’t wait for your next post. Thank you for taking the time to consider those of us back here that are unable to travel at this time.


  3. Loved reading about this. I read Bram Stoker’s original Dracula years ago and it scared me like no other. I look forward to more adventures.


  4. Barry is great to hear from you and that you are well.
    I think your blog is very interested….will follow it up !


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