Adventure to Antarctica!

I knew that any exploration to Antarctica would be scenic. I also knew it would be more challenging than any other adventure that I have taken. The two-day voyage through the Drake Passage would be difficult, the weather would be harsh, and there would always be imminent danger on land as well as at sea. There would be no medical personnel with us and evacuation, if needed, would depend on helicopters and cooperation of the weather.

The Tiny Boat Ushuaia Landing Near a Penguin Colony at Paradise Bay

TheĀ adventure began in Ushuaia, Argentina which bearsĀ the nickname “fin del mundo”… translated as the “end of the world!” Provision was made with an outfitter for renting rain pants and parkas there and off we went… 65 explorers from 14 nations on an adventure of a lifetime.


Weeks prior to leaving for South America there were petty serious videos on Facebook of boats being tossed around like toys in the violent Drake Passage. My experience in the Passage was no different from those videos. And once ashore, slippery rocks covered with ice, snow and penguin poop were everywhere making walking treacherous in the cold, wind-swept Antarctic continent.

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