Discovering the Critters in My Backyard

IMG_1395 (1)
Cape Coral Burrowing Owl

As a youngster growing up in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania, seeing “critters” in the backyard such as rabbits, squirrels and occasionally a deer was commonplace. It just seemed to me that almost everyone had critters of some sort in their backyard.

Having traveled many places in the world and observing different animals, I developed an appreciation for the diversity of wildlife on every continent. Few animals are the same around the world. But they certainly are interesting. Everywhere there are new critters to discover and enjoy. This story is about discovering the Cape Coral Burrowing Owl.

Recently, I began to look around my new neighborhood in Cape Coral, Florida. A high school classmate tipped me off that I should seek out the Cape Coral Burrowing Owl. And I found many of their nesting sites within several steps from my apartment’s front door.

Wild things are plentiful in this area. And they are also relatively easy to find. Within a few minutes drive, birds dive bomb for fish, Manatees swim in canals and Dolphins play in inlets. I have written about turtle races at Bert’s Bar in Matlacha and soon I plan to visit the Everglades to see Gators, Pythons, and exotic birds. Maybe I will get a glimpse of an Armadillo or a Coyote too!

Prairie Dog near hotel in Amarillo, Texas
Prairie Dog in Texas

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I saw large numbers of groundhogs burrowing in farm fence rows. Traveling through Texas I have seen many prairie dogs living along with humanity and eyeing passers by while standing on their hind legs by their burrows. But these burrowing owls in Cape Coral are cute and simply unique.

Some wildlife like the Coqui tree frog in Puerto Rico is not easily found. However, when I explored the first burrowing owl nesting area on my block, there was a tiny owl staring back at me with those large, bright, lemon yellow eyes! Then the second burrow and the third and… all had owls in them. Only as big as a can of Dr. Pepper, they had Linda Blair, Exorcist-like swivel heads that turned so they could watch my every move.

Big Yellow Eyes

These owls dig their own burrows and seem to guard and decorate them. They are silent except when they feel threatened. One made a noise and strutted a few owl paces toward me and I instinctively stepped back. I didn’t want an encounter with a threatened species like that!

Other than that one, these birds are calm around humans. Most of the nests are in open lots or along highways. But there are also human homes that have owl nesting burrows in their yards.

The burrowing owl is the official Cape Coral bird. In February the city sponsors a festival in their honor.

Books have been written about them and people from all over visit the Cape to view them. Cape Coral is the home of the largest population of burrowing owls.

The owls mate for life and maintain their underground home year round. It is cool inside the 8 to 10 foot burrows where they escape the torturous Summer heat. They are small birds of prey and feed on mice, frogs and insects. Larger birds of prey like to eat them, especially the chicks


It is fun to walk up to them and maintain a safe distance. The nesting areas are marked with PVC tubes placed in the ground. Humans also place a perch in each nesting area and an advisory warning is posted that the owls are an endangered species.

So, the big deal is that these cute, lovable tiny critters in Cape Coral, Florida are a special treat. Unfortunately, I will miss seeing the chicks emerging from the burrows when I return to North Carolina in the Spring.

13 thoughts on “Discovering the Critters in My Backyard”

  1. Barry as usual very nicely written very informative thanks for including me. I have found a little critters to be quite fascinating as well. Coconut Pete


  2. Barry, I really enjoyed your blog about the tiny owls. You described these adorable little creatures so beautifully! I wish I could see them in person. I learn so many new things reading your blogs. 😊

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  3. As always I do so enjoy reading your blogs.😊

    In October , Rog and I went to a fundraiser for the Adult Care Center in Winchester. It was a 50’s theme and every dressed up in 50’s attire! Rog wore his Rockwood letter jacket and I bought a swing dress! Do you think that might be something to try at the 70th birthday party?

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    1. Touch bases with Carole Bittner. She is in charge of the party and I am sure she appreciates all input. If you can’t reach her by email, let me know. If you want to call her, PM me and I will give you her number.


  4. Barry, I’ve read several of your posts and will continue to do so, if I may. Your writing is interesting, excellent, entertaining and informative. You have quite a talent!
    The owl blog brought memories of my little owl family on my property. I was able to experience “my” owl family and babies for two seasons. Each morning I counted all the chicks (there were 12) until they were off, one by one, to their find their own mates and create their own burrow. The last year they were there, one of the parents was injured and disappeared….. Maybe a cat or racoon or maybe even an osprey or eagle. Then the remaining mate must have found a new mate and moved on to create a new burrow home. I often look at that old burrow spot fondly and hope someday there might be a new family moving in……

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