Be Careful With the Neighbors

In previous blog stories, I have written about Discovering Critters in My Backyard. That story about the small owls living underground led to additional stories about other critters including the iguanas in trees beside my pool when I lived in Cape Coral, Florida in the USA.

Because of Hurricane Ian, I had to evacuate further north of Cape Coral and Fort Myers about 140 miles to Palm Harbor which is also in Florida. My evacuation is now in the eighth month and I have grown accustomed to new critters in this neighborhood. This is a story about the creatures in the hood.

I am living in an apartment in Stratford Court in Palm Harbor. Gray squirrels are abundant here along with small lizards. Both are enjoyable to watch. The squirrels remind me of being a child when my dad would hunt them and mom had a special recipe to prepare them for dinners and parties.

Next door to the apartment building are two small man-made ponds which are about 25 yards from the building and a large canal which is 10 yards away. The creatures in the ponds and canal are typical of this area. They are wild and fear humans as much as we respect them.

Although man-made, the ponds provide natural habitats for alligators, fish, turtles, and various birds. My inspiration for writing this story was seeing “Chomp” sunning himself on the bank so I could take a photo of him. He is between 7 and 9 feet long. Some of the apartment residents have seen him capture and eat a bird that got too close. They were stunned seeing the bird’s legs sticking out of his mouth! I have seen him several times since moving here. Chomp also has a smaller girlfriend.

I hope you enjoy the photos below from around the neighborhood.


8 thoughts on “Be Careful With the Neighbors”

  1. We enjoy reading your blog! Your unique perspective and real voice are game-changers in the world. Keep writing, because your thoughts have a lasting impact. Thank you for being you!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

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  2. Barry, Thanks for another interesting read. I’ve just come  home from a trip to Spain and Portugal. Hope your health has continued to improve. I had a WhatsApp message from one of the Spaniards yesterday from a La Alberca programme. Seems a lifetime ago. Take great care Maggie 

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    1. So great to hear from you Maggie. I live in an independent living facility in Palm Harbor, Florida. I was displaced here by Hurricane Ian and soon will return to Fort Myers since the building has been repaired. It has taken 7 months so far!


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