My Adventure at “Ford’s Garage”

IMG_2543American industrialist Henry Ford was the founder of the “motor car” company which today bears his name. During the cold winter months in Michigan he lived in his estate in Fort Myers, Florida. Not far from his Winter home is one of a few pub-style automotive restaurants known as “Ford’s Garage.”

I recently visited the Garage in Cape Coral which is across the Caloosahatchee River from Fort Myers. The Garage is constructed as a 1920’s-style service station. Inside the restaurant and bar are genuine automotive artifacts from the early Ford manufacturing period as well as some influenced with creative license.

Although the food and service were very good, I was captivated by the decor and ingenuity applied to recreate the feel of a garage. Oil rags as “napkins” embraced the dinnerware which was held tight with a hose clamp.

Motor Car on  a Lift with Liquid Smoke Exhaust

Above the bars are refurbished old Ford motor cars as if they were on garage lifts. Engine blocks, tools, gravity gasoline pumps, oil drums and assorted other service station items are interwoven with tires and photos of Ford, associates, and motor car manufacturing facilities.

Going to the Garage is like going to an automotive museum. Entertaining to explore, the Garage is both fancy as well as true to period design. It is just as enjoyable for its ambiance as well as for its food and drink.

Within this story are several photos taken at the Garage (including the toilets which are uniquely finished).


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5 thoughts on “My Adventure at “Ford’s Garage””

  1. I had never heard of this place before. What a wonderful experience. I love how the place could serve delicious, appetizing food in such a rustic atmosphere. The oil rags as napkins was a terrific idea…you described this unique dining experience so well, Barry.


  2. As always, well written. Nice Job. One of my favorite parts of the visit was going to the men’s room. Please do NOT let that bit of news get out. But you have to admit the décor in there was great.

    Live Well

    Coconut Pete
    (302) 521-1872


  3. Enjoyed your article about visiting “The Garage.” Such a unique venue! Your wonderful photos and descriptive writing makes me feel like I was there with you! (Except for your trip to the men’s room!)
    LookIng forward to reading about your next ‘adventure.’
    BTW- Did you get a chance to stop by Edison & Ford’s winter homes while you were in the Fort Meyers area?

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