“Look Up” – My Brno Exploration

Holding the Building on Their Backs

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you have a wonderful 2017 and have begun to work to achieve all of your personal goals for the year.

Today is a cold New Year’s Day and the streets in Brno, Czech Republic (a.k.a. Czechia) are almost empty. I had the opportunity to wander around and “look up” to enjoy the architectural beauty designed into many of the center city buildings.

Years ago I complained that I was finding the industrial city of Glasgow, Scotland visually disappointing. A local resident said that to properly appreciate the city one must “look up.” I tried that and discovered that looking skyward adds much more to a visit. It is special to see the extra decorative efforts that architects have incorporated into the buildings in many parts of Europe.

heads-4I have found that the extra effort seems to be integrated in many buildings from a bygone era. Today there appears to be a renewed effort to make buildings more visually appealing which may be a rebirth of the time when adorning buildings was considered to be a natural part of the way they were designed. I am glad to see this occur and I am especially glad that I have the opportunity to walk among older structures that reflect the time when ornamentation was naturally incorporated into building design.

Some of the older buildings make particular use of the human body to depict both strength and beauty. Statues of human often are shown as holding up a balcony, a roof or an entire structure.

The photos in this blog show examples of the numerous decorative features found in Brno and ones I have seen elsewhere on my journeys. I am sure many of you have seen similar features elsewhere so please share them so others may enjoy their beauty also.


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2 thoughts on ““Look Up” – My Brno Exploration”

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  2. It’s interesting when looking up, to see the differences in the human statues that decorate the buildings. Some seem extremely fierce, others seem to be posing in a peaceful way, and still others seem to be in pain as the struggle to hold up the weight of the buildings. I would imagine that each one creates very different feelings within the person viewing them.


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