Exploring Streams and Waterfalls Near Hendersonville, NC

“Hooker Falls” in the DuPont State Forest

Ancient Native American trails, train track routes, and highways often follow streams and riverbeds in the areas surrounding Hendersonville, North Carolina.

The Broad River and the nearby French Broad River are the principle waterways that flow to the east and west respectively from the Eastern Continental Divide in Western North Carolina.

Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this area’s geography is defined by its mountains and waterways. The cascading streams and their swift waterfalls are extremely picturesque. This beauty is the subject of this blog post.

IMG_4088 (1)
“Rocky Broad River” Near Chimney Rock

On traveling to the nearby Pisgah National Forest, the DuPont State Forest, and the Chimney Rock State Park, I am drawn to the many streams and waterfalls. They create beauty as they etch into and nourish the mountainous landscape.

“Sliding Rock” in Pisgah Forest

For me, the streams and waterfalls provide places for contemplation and reflection where everyday sounds are overwhelmed by natural torrents.

Witnessing and photographing the streams and waterfalls are the goals of my treks through the woods and laurel where nature provides smells of wildflowers, grand views, and gentle sounds that delight the senses.

For others, these mountain streams provide a place for numerous forms of recreation. “Sliding Rock” in the Pisgah National Forest is a fast, natural “slip and slide” and many streams yield an abundance of fish.

Since this story is about natural beauty, I bring it to a close with additional photos that capture images in the area near where I live.



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