Images of Love on Valentine’s Day

Vienna, Austria

Over the past few years I have traveled throughout several countries in Europe. Along the way I have been snapping photos of those showing their affection. My plan was in contemplation of posting the photos for Valentine’s Day… the day we think of love, whether good, bad or none at all.

This story is about the photos… those sharing their love in public. I did ask for people to let me take their photo (and use it in the blog) and once I explained what I was doing, almost everyone agreed.

I hope you like seeing the photos and that they bring nice thoughts for you and a smile to your face.

Zagreb, Croatia

“Valentine’s Day” (as I know it) is probably more uniquely associated with the UK and the USA. Other countries have also adopted the day and celebrate while many others have not.

The day isn’t a national holiday anywhere. Around the world a day set aside for expressing one’s love varies based on religion, history, and folklore tradition.

Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in your country? Please leave a comment below to let me and my blog followers know how.

“Valentine’s Day” and associated sending cards and gifts is something that is more modern beginning in the 18th century in the UK. While valentines were once hand-created works of art, today they are primarily mass-produced.

13178006_1187777897899033_1463653500795320078_n (1)
Bucharest, Romania

Others such as flower companies and makers of chocolates have also capitalized on the popularity of the day. This is even more recent than sending Valentine’s Day cards.

In my grade school years, the day was more about having a fun experience. I recall decorating my Valentine’s Day box with a hole in the top for others to leave valentines. I don’t know if this is done anymore.

videoplaybackTrim_Moment 2
Pula, Croatia

The box would usually be red (or another color depending on the artistic nature of its creator) and decorated, often extravagantly, with paper doilies, hearts, cupids, etc….

Everyone left cards for others along with candy hearts with cute sayings on them. It certainly was a time of innocence.

However, as I have said, I have been snapping photos on my travels in Europe (or collected a few submitted by others for this project). I share the better ones here on Valentine’s Day in honor of all people sharing their love and affection.





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The history of “Valentine’s Day” is interesting. Wikipedia has a very good recap of that history here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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