A Fireworks Display for My 100th Story

Statue in Mijas Pueblo, Spain

During the past five years I have blogged about my adventures and observations of places, people and their cultures. To my surprise, my stories have been read by people in 73 countries around the world!

The worker statue in Mijas Pueblo in Spain reminds me that most of my stories sprang from adventures and explorations. These adventures began on the side of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Spain.

This story, my 100th, is like a fireworks display… lighting up the sky with brilliant flashes with loud blasts! It commemorates those stories that I find most enjoyable.

This story is dedicated to those who have encouraged and inspired me to write and to those who read what I have written.

Hooker Falls in DuPont Forest, NC

When I started my blog in October 2014 in Mijas Pueblo, my goal was to publish a single story per month.

I didn’t have an idea what I was going to write about. This caused me to use my senses more than ever. I learned to appreciate small (in addition to large) things and, in many cases, give new meaning to things that are otherwise obvious. 

I publish my blog for myself. But I also recognize that there are others who read it! I hope the readers of my stories, through my words, can create in their minds what I have heard, seen, tasted, smelled and touched.

Walkway in Plitvička Jezera

I have no grand plan for my story topics so my blog is eclectic in its content but the theme through it reflects my curiosity and enjoyment of life.

Several of my favorite stories involve God-given natural beauty such as Discovering Treasures in Plitvička Jezera about a gorgeous national park with numerous water falls in Croatia and Exploring Streams and Waterfalls. I have been moved by the natural vistas On the Rocks Near Hendersonville, North Carolina.

In these beautiful places one finds peace while enjoying and contemplating the natural beauty and the fullness it brings to the soul. These are spots of natural beauty. And there are spots of man-made beauty in nature that were inspirational for my story about Finding Your Spot.

In Vienna, Austria, the Stadtpark was part of the vision Emperor Franz Joseph had when the ancient walls of the city were removed. It is the oldest public park in Vienna and although I have found “spots” everywhere I go, Stadtpark is my favorite. In this park one can find solitude or mingle with residents and tourists while enjoying nature with beautiful classical music in the background.




Stadtpark is very inspirational and more than one of my stories have begun there. Some of the photos for Images of Love on Valentine’s Day were taken there as well as parks in other cities like Bucharest, Romania and Zagreb, Croatia.



It seems to me that love abounds in many of the parks I have visited. And sometimes I am surprised when inspiration to write hits me. One January day in Mijas Pueblo, Spain I met Mo and she told me such an interesting story about her life. I knew before I left the barstool I would write about her as Mo Sat Quietly at the Bar with her Memories.

Often my stories have had a whimsical flare to them. When I have written them, they came to me very quickly. I liked playing with how they are presented.



In Eating Acorns on the Iberian Peninsula I told the story through the thoughts of a pig. And “girl’s eyes” windows in Romania have observed the town of Sibiu for centuries in Through My Sensual Sibiu Eyes.

Nude in the Sauna, Are You Regular? and One Too Many are also favorites about specific unplanned happenings in my adventures. These true stories were exciting as they just occurred!

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Of course, I also had more serious moments writing at many locations where photos were extremely important to tell the stories of Alhambra, Mauthausen, Ħaġar Qim and Dubrovnik. Looking at Alhambra at night is breathtaking and walking atop the walls at Dubrovnik is unforgettable.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


There are so many more stories that are memorable in their own way. The most read story is about people learning to speak English in Spain. It is titled “English Only” – My Pueblo Ingles Adventure. I enjoyed helping others learn English and went to the immersion twice.



I have learned the critical importance of telling my blog stories with photos and close this story with photos of the many locations I have visited. I hope though my senses you appreciate the many places I have written about.



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11 thoughts on “A Fireworks Display for My 100th Story”

  1. I was thinking on your previous article on giant pumpkins. If you could get NASA interested, think of how big they could get in zero gravity. I understand that many of the very biggest ones fail from their own weight…

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  2. It’s been fun traveling the world through your eyes and experiencing the uniqueness of these countries as you described them. I look forward to the 101st blog when you feel the urge to write and share it with us.

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  3. Wow!!! Magnificent. Ya dun good and thanks so much for including me in this one. Let’s try to create a few more starting in December m- maybe a local turtle race.

    Live Well

    Coconut Pete

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