Anchors Aweigh – A Christmas Boating Adventure

A surreal night-time image at the Christmas boat parade at Matlacha

Last evening I experienced my first Christmas boat parade. It was off Matlacha Island in the “Sunshine State” of Florida in the USA.

Previously, I have written blog stories about Coconut Pete and the Turtle Races, and the Parade of Mermaids which originate from this speck of land (population 620) just off Florida’s southwest coast.

Not quite in the Gulf of Mexico, this small, one stop light village of Matlacha continues to warm ones heart with innovative slices of local lore, tradition, and Americana. This story is about my experience at Matlacha’s Christmas boat parade.

Boat owners in this area look forward to the annual Christmas boat parade. As people in numerous parts of the world often decorate their homes for the Christmas holiday, boat captains go to great lengths to decorate their vessels. And music is part of the parade too as Christmas tunes blare from the onboard speaker systems.

The parade wasn’t very lengthy (like this story) but was full of Christmas cheer as there were 15 to 20 boats participating. Onlookers like us on Coconut Pete’s boat were joined by others in the water, on the dock at Bert’s Bar and Grill, and numerous people standing on Matlacha’s drawbridge overlooking the spectacle.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Below are a few photos from the event.

15 thoughts on “Anchors Aweigh – A Christmas Boating Adventure”

  1. Living inland, I never knew about such festivities on the water during the holiday season. You captured the beauty and festive feeling of this tune of year. It is especially lovely because 2020 has been so dark in many ways. Thank you for sharing the colors and lights that help make this time of year so special.

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  2. No snow, no white Christmas, but the festive holiday boat decorations reflecting on the water will surely put anyone in the “Holiday Spirit!
    Thanks for another great story and for the beautiful pictures.
    Merry Christmas, Barry

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  3. Enjoyed the story and photos. I hopr you are enjoying everything and having a relaxing time in the the Sunshine State. Blessings of the yuletide sent your way. And greetings of joy!
    Kathy and Tony

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  4. Nice Job of capturing the moments. It was great to have you aboard.

    Looking forward to our next outing and thanks for contributing to the entire event.

    Coconut Pete

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    1. I think we from the North recognize Annual Christmas parades too. The parades here buy boat are common. I will ask some of the natives Floridians if they see a difference.


  5. Thanks for sharing. It is amazing how many different traditions are associated with Christmas in various parts of the country and the world. Nice pictures to help create an idea of the event.

    May the Light, the Christ of Christmas, fill your heart with His love, joy, and peace.
    Warmest Christmas wishes. John and Janice

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