Ramblings About Autumn in Florida


Many of my readers are aware that I have permanently relocated to Florida in the USA. People from the northeastern parts of the USA often think of Florida this time of year because of our warm, sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and numerous attractions like Disney World and Kennedy Space Center.

Having lived most of my life “up north,” I have some observations to share about Fall in Florida.

Autumn Colors in Hendersonville, NC
(photo courtesy David Day)

Autumn in the Northern United States becomes very colorful as green deciduous foliage turns red, yellow, and orange. Similarly, Florida becomes ablaze with colorful license plates when “snowbirds” invade! Being now a Floridian, I have a different take on the automobiles from everywhere clogging the highways as sun-seekers descend on the Sunshine State.

Those staying “up north” in Winter contend with cold, dampness, digging through snowfall and scraping ice from car windows. However, life in Florida remains pretty much the same in Winter except temperatures occasionally dip into the upper 70’s F.

Coconuts on a Neighbor’s Lawn

The only things falling from above here are rain, Palm Tree branches, coconuts, and bird droppings! Let’s see, do I prefer being cold, shoveling snow, and scraping ice? Or do I prefer cleaning up Palm branches and coconuts? Hmmm, I will take the branches and coconuts!

Palm Branch on a Neighbor’s Lawn

13 thoughts on “Ramblings About Autumn in Florida”

  1. Interesting comparative reflection. Having visited Florida in the winter, I also recall the abundance of “snowbird” traffic which is a challenge as one tries to navigate between destinations. However, the warmer climate seems to compensate for the other issues.

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  2. There are some advantages of being nested in the North., but I can’t seem to recall them at the moment! Maybe we don’t get mosquito bites in the winter and we are never bothered with those nasty palm fronds!

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  3. Florida sounds good!! I’ll admit I’ve considered being a snowbird, but maybe to a more remote spot in TX. However, Avon Park, FL has a Christian camp that’s caught my eye. And it has a pedestrian crosswalk that goes right over to Walmart! 😉

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  4. Barry, after growing up in Somerset how can you choose sun over snow, sleet, and ice and all those days of going to school in terrible weather!🤷‍♀️
    All kidding aside, being retired with no place to go, I love snow!❄️❄️

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  5. The most frequent conflict I personally encounter in FL because of the lack of seasons is forgetting what month it is. But that has been solved with a digital watch and a calendar.

    Live Well –

    Coconut Pete

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  6. Well, I’m enjoying the cooler days with little humidity but I find myself in Gainesville , about 4 hours north, today with temperature at 50 degrees. I’m freezing so I had to run to Target for some emergency long pants and shoes other than flip flops. Lol

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  7. Well Barry ole buddy,
    I love the four seasons. Beautiful springtime as everything blossoms, temperate 70-80° summer’s, fall colors and casserole season, then a white Christmas. What could be better? Funny thing, my brother pelts me with his moderate AZ winter’s but is stone mute all summer. Hmmm? Enjoy your FL winter. Ci m.h e visit us in the summer!

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  8. Your description of Florida in the fall and winter is interesting. I know you said many times you never wanted to have to deal with snow again. It seems you’ve found a great location to enjoy the beauty of Florida while avoiding any chance of snow disrupting your life. I’m glad you’ve found a place to live that makes you so happy.

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  9. I am glad that you love living in Florida, but on occasion you do travel to us Northerners here in Pennsylvania.
    We are always glad to see you and hear of your adventures. Keep up the blogging.

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