Exploring for My Hungarian Ancestors

Arpad Leading Magyar Chieftains (Heroes’ Square)

During my explorations of individuals in my family tree, I have often discovered several interesting characters. I have written about some of them in blog stories such as  “My Ancestor the Witch,” a convicted Salem sorceress.

About 10 years ago while doing additional research in my mother’s family tree I surprisingly discovered some Hungarian heritage. While I am presently in Hungary, it has become very exciting to obtain more insight into this part of my family lineage from the National Museum and further Internet searches. Surprised once again, the lineage goes directly to the foundation of Hungary in 896 AD!

This story is about my adventures discovering memorials for Arpad, “First Prince of the Magyars” and memorials for Bela IV, King of Hungary, and one of Arpad’s 11th great grandsons.

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Exploring Budapest’s Lions Without Tongues

Crossing Chain Bridge in Budapest

Legend persists in Budapest that the four stone, sculpted lions at the corners of Chain Bridge have no tongues. There exists no particular authority about the public perception of the lions placed in 1852, a few years following completion of the bridge between Buda and Pest.

Some even say more than 15 decades after their creation that their sculptor, János Marschalkó, after criticism for omitting the tongues, hurled himself into the Danube River. The legend goes on that he didn’t survive the leap and thus became the first suicide from jumping from the bridge!

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