Nurturing Giant Pumpkins – Part III, Hail to the Leaf

Terry Buettner with “Donald Trumpkin” (photo by Loretta Buettner)

The past few weeks in the mountains of Western North Carolina have not been very conducive to growing giant pumpkins. This area is right on the southern edge of where these giants will grow best.

The vines in my brother Dave’s patch have withered under the intensity of the heat. His gourds stopped growing.

However, pumpkins at the Buettner’s (neighbors mentioned in Part II of this ongoing tale), have grown a bit. “Hope” is a beautiful orange globe-shaped pumpkin and is now about 107 pounds.

The Buettners also have a new kid on the block which is already 70 pounds. His name is “Donald Trumpkin.”

IMG_0590 (1)
Three Large Pumpkins from Dave’s Patch

Pictured here are three of the big pumpkins from Dave’s patch. He hasn’t moved them because of their weight.

Currently, Dave has left these gourds on display in his yard. The largest one in the foreground is “Kylie.” She grew to about 85 pounds.

I am glad Dave has left them in the yard as the big pumpkins have captured the interest and imagination of the neighborhood residents. The neighbors have been coming by just to see how things have been going in the pumpkin patch.

Meanwhile, over at the Buettner’s “Hope” has slowed in her growth as well. She has a beautiful shape as seen in the photo below.

And making his debut in this story is “Donald…” his official name is “Donald Trumpkin”.

Like the President’s hair, Donald is a bright  mix of yellow / orange. The vines for Hope and Donald are looking fine right now but the weather here changes often. I hope the vines continue to provide the nourishment for Hope and Donald to continue to expand! Someone commented on Facebook about Donald and noted whimsically, “Hail to the Leaf!”

The next story in my blog will be #100 since I began publishing stories in it. In that story I plan to reflect on my favorites from the past five years.

These pictures of “Hope” are courtesy of Loretta Buettner.



Read more about growing giant pumpkins in this blog series at Part I, Part II and Part IV.

4 thoughts on “Nurturing Giant Pumpkins – Part III, Hail to the Leaf”

  1. Thank you, Barry, for this delightful pumpkin blog. Sorry Dave’s are stagnating, but maybe 2020 will be somewhat cooler.


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