Creaky Floors in Vienna Remind Me of Home

Johann Strauss in beautiful Stadtplaz in Vienna
A few days ago I moved into my apartment in beautiful Vienna. Not only do I love Vienna (having blogged several times) but also the apartment is quite nice.

A beautiful stairway leads to the third floor of my apartment. The apartment has interesting uniqueness such as the beautiful 19th century parquet flooring which makes wonderful creaking sounds as you walk on it.

Just as the snowfall in Brno reminded me of home, hearing the creaking also reminds me of growing up in Somerset, my hometown in the USA.

image (1)
Watching Over the “Bridge of Lies” in Sibiu

When I first heard the creaking sounds in my apartment, I thought it was a bit creepy… not creepy as I described in Stalking Dracula but more like my description in Through My Sensual Sibiu Eyes… more curious than scary.  I actually like the sound as it brought back childhood memories.

I recalled similar noises at Oehling’s Pharmacy and at McCrory’s “Five and Ten” in Somerset. Just like walking through my apartment, the wooden floors in those places made noise but the noise there more resembled deep moaning groans than bird chirping creaks. Both businesses are long gone in Somerset but I am certain that as I mention this that my readers will also recall similar heart-warming sounds from the days they were growing up.

In “uptown” Somerset the principle department store was J. J. Newberry’s. As a child, Newberry’s had the only escalator in town. It only went up one floor where it was fun to then ride the elevator back to the ground floor and repeat going up the escalator again. Doing this or walking backwards on the escalator provided simple pleasures and memories just like experiencing the groaning floors in McCrory’s or Oehling’s. Actually, the escalator probably brought more customers into the store!

This blog story, however, is not only about nostalgia generated by the creaking floors in my Vienna apartment. But rather, this story is to share an appreciation for having new experiences and observations.

Shower in My Kitchen in Vienna

One such experience is that my apartment shower is located in the kitchen. I have not seen this anywhere previously. At coffee recently with Marjorie Bowersox Fiebinger, a permanent Vienna resident also from Somerset, I learned that a shower in the kitchen is quite common here!

In my apartment I also have two windows that open to the stairway… one is in the front door and the other in the kitchen / shower room. Marjorie says that these windows have practical application. The one in the kitchen likely lets cooking smells out of the house into the stairwell while the one in the front door is likely for ventilation as the summers are quite hot in Vienna.

There is also a large heater in the living room / dining room which has since been replaced by water heating through radiators. The wood / coal-fired heater is an interesting conversation piece which served a valuable function in a bygone era.

My apartment, with things I have not seen before, is interesting. However, this is Vienna where music and parks are everywhere, where it is easy to get around, where architecture is gorgeous, and where I feel right at home with a great coffee and apple strudel.

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11 thoughts on “Creaky Floors in Vienna Remind Me of Home”

  1. Barry, your travels, experiences and writing are all very well done and very interesting. Thank you for sharing these with your audience of readers and viewers. Keep visiting these amazing parts of our world and sharing.
    Thank you!


  2. I love Vienna. The architecture alone is eye candy. So many places and things to do and experience. Keep posting and blogging Vienna is a place to which we need to return and spend some more time there.


  3. Barry, great observances of Vienna and even I made the cut on this one!! One problem for me is that I have lived in Vienna for so long that it is hard for me to know what people who have not lived here might find interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Barry I always have a smile on my face reading about your adventures, and this one brought back childhood memories gone by. Thanks for bringing some of them back. E joy your new city.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Enjoyed it… At the moment we’re in northern Bohemia helping with an English retreat, but otherwise we’re really enjoying seeing so many old friends and some new ones, being back in Prague! (You’re only a 5-hour drive away!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved the slideshow of photos. So much statuary and beautiful architecture. I’m smiling as I think of showering in my kitchen… thanks for another great description of your home away from home.


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