My Maltese Adventure Begins!

Fishing Boats With Eyes of Osiris in Malta

You have likely heard it said that travel provides one of the best educations one can get. I believe it! I have been exploring Europe for the past two and a half years and I am appreciating the education so much but even more so in Malta where I am on information overload for the history, culture, and beauty that are flooding my senses!


The Mediterranean Sea frames life in the Maltese archipelago. From the sea to the land one finds the historic importance of this tiny place, the ways that the culture has been impacted, and the utter beauty that is attracting so many to want to live here.

This story is my second one about my adventures in Malta. In this story I provide neither a chronological report nor every detail of my adventure. As you may know, I only blog for myself… my audience of one. However, what I write may entice you in many ways or whet your appetite to learn more as I reveal snippets through words and photos of the education I am experiencing.

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Odysseus and Paul – Shipwrecked in Malta

Violent Storms Shipwrecked Odysseus

There are numerous stories about shipwrecks around the Maltese Islands. The islands are just a speck in the Mediterranean Sea off the southern coast of Sicily but storms along the rocky coast can be very violent. Numerous ships have been claimed by the Mediterranean here.

Two of the shipwrecks and their stories are fascinating parts of the Maltese archipelago’s history. The wreck of Odysseus is woven into the island folklore and the wreck of the Apostle Paul is part of the bedrock for Christianity in Malta. This blog entry is about Odysseus and Paul and the stories about their importance to the European nation of Malta, my April “home.”

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