Exploration at Aquincum – a Roman Empire Outpost

Nemesis, Goddess of Fate

In a few months I will have lived in various places in Europe for four years. My explorations have spanned geography from the Iberian peninsula in the west to the mountains of Transylvania in the east. One thing is consistent in every location, the Romans have been there.

The vastness of the Roman Empire is difficult for me to comprehend. In the history of mankind, their story is relatively recent. Even so, I find it to be more than a simple curiosity. And such it has been in my exploration of Aquincum, the Roman provincial capital of Pannonia Inferior. Aquincum is a treasure trove of antiquities such as the limestone statue of Nemesis, the goddess of fate, created in the 2nd century.

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Ancient Roman Encounters in Pula, Croatia

When I was in high school I was fascinated by “ancient” history. At the time, my classes were focused on numerous facts about people who were difficult to relate to such as Athenians, Romans, Trojans, Carthaginians, and others. But even though I was fascinated, ancient history really didn’t come “alive.”  In fact, in the larger scheme of things, history 2000 years ago really isn’t that “ancient” considering the age of mankind.

Roman Arena in Pula, Croatia

However, in my recent explorations history has come alive as I have explored remains of once-great civilizations. Such it was a few months ago when I made a journey to Pula in Croatia.

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