My Visit Home – Somerset, Pennsylvania USA

A few days ago I returned to Ljubljana, Slovenia from a visit to the USA and my hometown, Somerset in Pennsylvania. Although several meaningful things happened during this journey, my adventures to Somerset were nostalgic and I easily lost track of time.

A Somerset County Farm

I am presently helping with the planning for a reunion weekend of my high school class. This event is a special one as it marks the 50th anniversary of my high school graduation. Even though my travel involves quite a distance traversing six time zones, it is worth it to me to contribute to the event and help make it memorable. Meanwhile, my journey reminds me of the time growing from childhood into being the person I am today.


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Creaky Floors in Vienna Remind Me of Home

Johann Strauss in beautiful Stadtplaz in Vienna
A few days ago I moved into my apartment in beautiful Vienna. Not only do I love Vienna (having blogged several times) but also the apartment is quite nice.

A beautiful stairway leads to the third floor of my apartment. The apartment has interesting uniqueness such as the beautiful 19th century parquet flooring which makes wonderful creaking sounds as you walk on it.

Just as the snowfall in Brno reminded me of home, hearing the creaking also reminds me of growing up in Somerset, my hometown in the USA.

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Brno Snowfall Reminds Me of Home

img_7635The first real snowfall of the season occurred this week in Brno, Czech Republic. Granted, the snowfall was just a dusting of maybe four inches. As it fell, the view of ┼ápilberk Castle disappeared from my apartment’s picture glass window. Snow covered the branches of the trees and I reminisced about this time of year when winter snowfall would come to Somerset, my hometown in Western Pennsylvania in the United States

I have always thought of January differently than other months. It is a bleak time of year. Yes, the daylight hours are increasing but January also has penetrating cold and blustery winds. It is time when one’s exhaled breath drifts away in a cloud of steam. It follows the celebrations of Christmas and New Years and it seems to me to be a time for resting and recovery from them. By a burning fireplace seems to be the place of comfort.

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