Mallorca – Winter Next Year?

As I approach the end of February I have been sorting what things I should take to the U.S. on my upcoming trip. I leave for the U.S. this Thursday and will be returning to Spain March 8/9. Before heading off to Krems, Austria for my two month holiday, I have decided to make a quick three-day trip to Playa de Palma on the Spanish island of Mallorca. (The above Mallorca picture is provided copyright of HM Hotels).

Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Pictured on the map, it is the large Spain-physical-mapisland on the right side. Why there you ask? Well, in Mijas I am only an hour and a half away and got a flight / hotel deal that is great. I have been watching the Winter weather there and it has been better than Mijas and I am thinking it might be a place to go to! So, I have it booked for March 10 – 12.

Following my trip there, I will write about it in the blog and let you know what I think about it as a possible destination. Meanwhile, I am determined to soon write about my day trip to Malaga. Malaga is Picasso’s birthplace.

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