Through My Sensual Sibiu Eyes

You have seen my sensual “girl’s eyes.” You are taken aback by them as you stop and stare. You are oblivious that I am staring back at you. In fact, I see and know more about you than you can ever imagine. I have watched patiently through the centuries as you and those before you are unaware of my silent, piercing gaze. You see me on the surface, through your imagination, as you stare at my deep, dark mysterious eyes. But there is so much more.

My  Sister’s Eyes in Sibiu”

Through almost nine hundred years I have watched you in Sibiu, Romania. I have listened too. I have seen good and bad…your love, hopes, joys and sorrows. Times have changed and just about everything is different today than it was in 1191 when I began my silent, never-ending watch in this medieval Transylvania town.

While you have changed, I have remained the same… and will be the same forever as I watch you. Many refer to my eyes in different ways. Some say my eyes are creepy, haunting or spooky but I know my deep, dark “girl’s eyes” are sensual. Fix your gaze on my eyes. Look closely and you see me peering into your soul… or sometimes looking straight through you.

image (1)
I Watch Over the “Bridge of Lies”

Many years ago you built a foot bridge in front of me and connected two parts of our old Saxon town. I have watched you and the bridge everyday, day and night. I listened and I learned that you don’t always tell the truth. I named that beautiful iron structure your “Bridge of Lies” and sometimes I call it the “Liar’s Bridge.” I know that the name sounds a bit harsh. But I see clearly and honestly who you are and have named it appropriately.

Through the ages you have constructed legends about why I have named it the “Bridge of Lies.” A few of your legends are quite interesting. However, the real reason is that the bridge listens and knows when someone is lying. And when a lie is told on the bridge, it moans. The bridge knows when you are not telling the truth. I have watched as many times people thought to be lying have been put to the test on the bridge. Many liars have been detected and justice prevailed!

My Sisters’ “Girl’s Eyes” are Watching Everywhere

I remember the cheating merchant in the piata who lied to his customers. When he was discovered he was put to the test! He failed as the bridge let out a deep groan. I watched as justice was served and he was tossed over the bridge railing by townspeople as his punishment.

Medieval Fortress Tower

Nearly a millennium has gone by since our German ancestors came here. Oh, what I have seen through my eyes! History has unfolded here including invasions by the Turks and the Mongols and the periods of domination by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Communists. Remnants of the past exist throughout our town… the fortress walls and towers, the large squares and so many of my sisters and their girl’s eyes.

Through our deep, dark sensual eyes, I and my sisters silently, hauntingly keep watch over Sibiu just as we have done in the past and will long after you depart. Come visit us and enjoy our mysterious, haunting eyes in Sibiu. We will be watching for you.

9 thoughts on “Through My Sensual Sibiu Eyes”

  1. I am impressed! Sibiu is one of the most mysterious, multicultural, noble and beautiful cities from Romania and you described its story so well! Congratas.


  2. This is a unique and truly amazing addition to your blog, Barry! I love the description as though the eyes are seeing and knowing all. This town sounds incredibly mysterious…as well as somewhat eerie. I really love the photos of the bridge….. and the ” eyes!”

    Liked by 1 person

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