A 2021 April Fools Day

I have rarely participated in April Fools Day pranks and such. It isn’t that I have any disdain for them but I think I am not particularly creative that way. So, when I created a Facebook post about getting married again, people were caught off guard believing me as being serious! And that was key to a good April Fools Day prank.

The text of my Facebook post and the comments to it are attached later in this story. But a look at the origin of April Fools Day is in order.

Nobody is certain as to the origin of April Fools Day. Some believe it dates to the 1500’s when the French calendar used at that time was changed. The calendar signifying the start of the new year was traditionally linked to the beginning of spring. But on the new Roman calendar, the year began on January 1 just as we know it today. People who were slow to adopt the new calendar were often called “April Fools.”

The trickster tradition associated with the day began in Europe in the 1600’s and pranks began to be played. Pranks eventually stuck as a “rite of spring.” The earliest recorded prank occurred in London when people were told to go see the “washing of the lions” at the Tower of London. Of course there was no such thing but the prank continued, mostly targeting tourist visitors through the mid 19th century.

There have been numerous famous pranks throughout the years. My favorites from the 2oth century are “Harvesting Pasta” and “Buying the Liberty Bell.”

According to History.com “On April 1, 1957, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) told viewers that there had been an ‘exceptionally heavy spaghetti crop’ in Switzerland… due to the disappearance of the spaghetti weevil. The BBC showed footage of spaghetti harvesters diligently picking noodles from trees. Some viewers were upset – but some called to ask where they could find a spaghetti bush.”

In 1996, Taco Bell stirred things up a bit when they announced they had purchased the Liberty Bell and were renaming it the “Taco Liberty Bell.” Since then companies have taken advantage of April Fools Day as a marketing gimmick to generate curiosity which might be true.

This year, in advance of April 1, word spread that Volkswagen was changing its name to “Voltswagen” to emphasize a shift to electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing. Although EV’s are the future for the company, the name change was only in jest but accomplished the intended purpose of bringing attention to the company and the EV future.

Now to my little prank. On April 1, 2021 I posted the following on my Facebook page. To some it was believable but others quickly understood it as a prank.

“I have decided to get married again. Third time is the charm, right? I really want Joshua Day to be a brother to another child so my future wife must be of child-bearing age. She also must be attractive. I am lining up nominees to become my wife. She must be between the ages of 21 and 33 and prepared to be a mom (experience as a mom is a plus). I have also decided on the name for my next child… Jake (boy) or Jakie (girl). If you, or anyone you know, wants to be a nominee, meeting my criteria, please let me know today (send a photo) as this opportunity is gone tomorrow!”

I did get several responses and the most interesting were:

Joshua Day: I think this lady is interested… does she qualify? She swears she is of child bearing age and she’s very wise.

Kristi Kimmel: You’re nuts!!!!

Mary Ellen: My Dad was always able to “get us” when we were kids.

Lynn Gregory: Be sure to get a full photo! Do not be like Henry the Eighth and see just the face portrait. Then she arrives and you yell I LIKE HER NOT!!!!!!!

Alice Etringer Gamble: OMG, that was too funny!

Elizabeth Maul: Deepest sympathies!!

Phyllis Pritts: Can’t stop laughing!

David Land: Ummmmm good lock with that!

David Deal: Nice one Barry! April fools!

Anna Vinzani Inverso: April fools, good one

In conclusion, it was a fun day with my prank consistent with April Fools Day tradition… I even got a proposal!

April Fools!

Ramblings by the Pool

It is a leisurely, warm, sunny day here in Southwest Florida. I am sitting by the pool while savoring a steamy mug of coffee. I recently found a great Hazelnut Cream java which is an excellent morning cure-all elixir. Although it is good, it isn’t quite as superb as the perfected European cappuccinos I have found in my travels.

My house is at the intersection of two canals. Boats go by on their way to the Caloosahatchee River between Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida. The river leads to the Gulf of Mexico. Later in the day, I will see the boats and their crew return from today’s water adventures.

The canals attract all sorts of birds and fish often jump in an arch out of the water. Sometimes the canals have wandering manatees or an occasional lost alligator! Iguanas reside in a tropical tree next to my pool. One just jumped out of the tree and landed with a thump on the dock. Often when the iguanas are scared, they take refuge in the canals too.

There is a gentle breeze today coming from the south. The 35′ palm trees that encircle my lot are swaying and the birds are singing. The bird sounds have recently changed as the birds from winter have appeared to leave. As the weather is now clearly getting warmer the bird sounds have also become more tropical sounding.


It is another beautiful day in paradise.

It is Raining Iguanas in Florida

IMG_3157“The sky is falling,” cried Chicken Little. Well, not quite the sky falling but here in Southwest Florida there is a unique twist when it gets cold.

Iguanas are cold blooded reptiles that have invaded Florida. They are quite at home when it is hot. But when it is cold below 50°F (10°C), they get lethargic and fall out of trees!

This unique situation is even forecast by the National Weather Service in the United States!

This can be as critical as a hail storm (or maybe more so) as some male iguanas are up to 7 feet (213 cm) long and weigh up to 17 pounds  (7.7 kg)!

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Anchors Aweigh – A Christmas Boating Adventure

A surreal night-time image at the Christmas boat parade at Matlacha

Last evening I experienced my first Christmas boat parade. It was off Matlacha Island in the “Sunshine State” of Florida in the USA.

Previously, I have written blog stories about Coconut Pete and the Turtle Races, and the Parade of Mermaids which originate from this speck of land (population 620) just off Florida’s southwest coast.

Not quite in the Gulf of Mexico, this small, one stop light village of Matlacha continues to warm ones heart with innovative slices of local lore, tradition, and Americana. This story is about my experience at Matlacha’s Christmas boat parade.

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More Critters in My Florida Backyard

Almost a year ago I wrote a story “Discovering the Critters in My Backyard.” It is about the famous “Burrowing Owl,” the official bird of the city of Cape Coral in Florida, USA. I now live in a new place in Cape Coral which is adjacent to a canal and a new critter has now shown up.

Green Iguana in my Backyard

There are many canals in this community and in them one can routinely see fish jumping and occasionally a larger creature such as a Manatee! Two days ago I discovered a Green Iguana sunning himself on the seawall in my backyard outside the screened pool area.

This story is about the Iguanas which are now found throughout Southwest Florida.

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My Blueberry Popsicle Memory

To me it seems that childhood experiences often feel different as I age. By that I am not necessarily referring to things just being relative to my size. More so, I have a realization that memories I have as youngster are often similar, but different, in reality than what I experience in the same circumstances as an adult.

While growing up in Somerset, Pennsylvania, there were always many nearby places of significance to me such as Forbes Field, Carnegie Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, Fort Necessity, our family cabin at the farm, and the Somerset Little League baseball field.

And today there are newer places of significance such as the somber Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville.

Flight 93 Memorial (c) LaurelHighlands.org

Just as my perspective of memories has changed somewhat, I am certain that young people visiting these and other places in Western Pennsylvania will see them differently than their memories as they grow older.

One such memory forever etched in my mind appears to be very similar to reality today. My father had a fascination with going to Kooser State Park which is about 15 miles from Somerset. Kooser is located in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands, not very far from Seven Springs Resort. Dad loved having outdoor picnics there and occasionally we stayed in a rented rustic cabin in the state park. A blazing fire in the fireplace was always part of going anywhere with my Dad.

Kooser State Park Beach
(c) LaurelHighlands.org

The park also has a small sandy beach (pictured) which seemed larger in the day. Spooky, dank, smelly outhouses were available to relieve oneself and have since been replaced with more modern facilities. The memory I have most is that the mountain spring water that flowed into the swimming area was on the “Polar Bear plunge” side of cold! I speculated it to be a few degrees above freezing although I am certain it is more.

On exiting the water at Kooser in my younger days, my brother Dave was often light blue as he shivered to shore, reminding me of a blueberry popsicle. The only respite for relief from the cold while in the water was when someone left a warm spot and quickly moved away as to say “not me!”

As interesting as I find this memory and others, I know my readers have similar stories of how they recall experiences from their childhood differently as adults. As in other stories I encourage each of you to document a recollection so your thoughts not only bring a smile to your face but also to others.

My Adventure at “Ford’s Garage”

IMG_2543American industrialist Henry Ford was the founder of the “motor car” company which today bears his name. During the cold winter months in Michigan he lived in his estate in Fort Myers, Florida. Not far from his Winter home is one of a few pub-style automotive restaurants known as “Ford’s Garage.”

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Splinters in the Dock, My Boating Instruction Experiences

A few months ago while visiting my friend Coconut Pete in Cape Coral, Florida, I decided that I wanted to learn how to operate a motor boat. I also decided that I would tackle this bucket list item on the Florida coast rather than a mountain lake near my apartment in Asheville, North Carolina.

My friend Pete owns a boat. This story is about my adventure learning to captain his twin engine Hurricane.

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My Safari Exploits… A Jungle Journey

IMG_2705A few days ago I scoured the mountains surrounding Asheville, North Carolina on safari. Passing by lumbering black bears and the garbage-fattened raccoons, my quarry remained elusive. How could this be in the United States?

The places my quarry always dwelled were void of its presence, without a hint of its flushing past. Yes, the shelves were empty and no toilet paper could be found.

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The Conch Horn Sounds at the Mermaid Parade

Young and Old Dress in Their Costumes 

Even on the darkest of days one can find amusement and a smile in Matlacha Island,  Florida, USA.

I have found little amusements around the world. In Portland, Oregon, “Voodoo Donut” contributes to “America’s Capital of Weird” and in Panhans, Lower Austria, “Nude in the Sauna” creates a totally unexpected surprise.

More Local Onlookers Dressed for the Mermaid Parade

Recently, I have written about Coconut Pete and the Turtle Races which also provides a lot of laughs on Saturday evenings at Bert’s Bar and Grill in Matlacha, Florida.

Yesterday, I ventured to Bert’s to once more watch the turtle races only to find they had been cancelled because across the street the “Parade of Mermaids” was taking place.

This story is about the fun, annual costume contest featuring contestants as well as onlookers in Matlacha.

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