Discovering More Dragons in Ljubljana

Dragons, along with St. George slaying them, are a common theme for statues in the Central European countries I have visited. I have previously written about my observations in “Slaying Dragons in Zagreb” and I have discovered additional fierce dragon statues in Austria and Romania. So, I wasn’t particularly surprised to find dragon images in Ljubljana, Slovenia. However, what surprised me was the extent of the emphasis on dragons and the absence of George.

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My Piran Adventure in Slovenia

FullSizeRender (1)
Mist Lifts in Piran at Dawn

My plan to visit Piran was by chance and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful and exciting locations I have explored. My tastes in places to explore are not limited to historical sites like those found in Rome, the party locations like Barcelona, or the postcard cities like Paris or Budapest.

It isn’t that I dislike these places, but rather that I tend to enjoy places that are sometimes considered to be off the beaten trail where one can enjoy natural and man-made beauty in harmony together. These become some of my favorite spots. Such is what I found in Piran, Slovenia.

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Finding Your Spot!

I bet your imagination wandered when you read the story title! You probably thought to yourself about what spot I am referring to! After all, I have been known to ask similar questions in my blog stories like “Are You Regular?” and also to get a bit provocative as in “Nude in the Sauna.” But this story isn’t like that. However, I hope the title captured your attention so you read on!

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An Unfulfilled Love in Ljubljana, Slovenia

France Preseren

By chance one day in 1833 France Prešeren and Julija Primic met at church. France, who led a fairly unhappy life, was infatuated with her and quickly knew that he loved this young, female vision.

France thought he would surely win Julija’s love. But her feelings and his were not mutual. There were complications including their economic status… he was a modest poet and aspiring lawyer and Julija’s family was wealthy. Even more problematic was that he was 33 and she 16.

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